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dollars 660x330It was gathered that Nigeria receives about $450 million every year from the US in form of health aid. This was disclosed by Michael Harvey USAID/Nigeria mission director. He said this while answering questions at the Targeted States High Impact Project (TSHIP) end of project information dissemination meeting in Sokoto. According to him, USA has great concern for health issues in Nigeria and in the northern Nigeria in particular. He said they are celebrating the lives saved, the healthier households built and the durable bonds established between the states in which they carried out interventions.

He also stated that, USAID through TSHIP has spent $89m in Sokoto and Bauchi states from 2009 to 2015.

o WOMEN JAIL facebookFor nine years, he threw away his true identity, bearing his friend’s name, from whom he allegedly stole copies of the academic credentials with certificates and got employed at the Federal Ministry of Health, became the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) branch chairman, participated as Ebola volunteer and earned salaries until the long arms of the law caught up with him.

Martins Ugwu Okpeh, a native of Ogbadibo Local Government of Benue State in 2006 was the best man to his childhood friend, Dr. George Davidson, a medical doctor practising in Jos, when he allegedly stole the academic credentials and used same to secure employment at the federal ministry. According to the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer, Abayomi Shogunle, an anonymous petition from the ministry prompted the Police analytical tracking and interception centre to begin discreet investigation.

Ebola VirusFOLLOWING reported resurgence of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in some neigbouring West African countries, including Liberia and Sierra Leone, the Lagos State government has asked residents to maintain adequate personal and environmental hygiene at all times to prevent re-entry of the disease into the state and the country at large. A report by Agence France Presse (AFP) confirmed yesterday that two more cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Liberia. A teenager was reported to have died from the viral infection on Sunday in Liberia.

Liberia had been declared Ebola-free more than seven weeks ago, just like Nigeria was declared free in October 2014. Liberia Ministry of Information said the two new cases were in Nedowein, the same village where the teenager died. Liberia’s authorities quarantined the area after the boy’s death and said his funeral was carried out safely. Health official, Cestus Tarpeh, told AFP that the pair had been in physical contact with the 17 year old before his death. He added that a herbalist who had treated the boy had evaded the authorities and was on the run. It is not clear how the teenager who died was infected.

colon cancerFirst of all, colon cancer is among the most common cancer types worldwide.Colon cancer is best characterized as the presence and development of cancer cells in the tissue of the intestines, namely the colon and the rectum; both involved in the lower digestive system. Malignant cancer cells develop in bunches known as polyps, which risks spreading cancer cells to distant parts of the body. In order to prevent malignancy, medical professionals emphasize the importance and benefit of early diagnosis and beginning treatment as soon as possible to sustain the best possible conditions for full recovery and return to normal life.

WHO logoThe World Health Organisation (WHO) on Wednesday urged Nigerian investors to explore the opportunities that abound in catering for the elderly by establishing homes and clinics for the aged. The WHO Representative in Nigeria, Dr Rui Vaz, gave the advice in Abuja while answering questions from newsmen on the sideline of a two-day consultative meeting on Capacity Building for Masters Programme in Geriatrics Medicine in Selected Nigerian Universities.

“There can be private establishments which cater for older people; if you go to Europe at the moment, its big business. “People who have their pensions, who have got a bit of money, most of them live in homes because they cannot be catered for at home. “Also clinics – a clinic that specialises in elderly people would serve its purpose by making its services available for the elderly group. “It is not very apparent now but in future, we are seeing that we are growing older, we are staying longer and also the problems of the elderly will become more prominent when we deal with these preventable diseases. “Now we will have diseases – not like malaria or diarrhoea – but things like diabetes or heart failure or things like that that come in as we grow old.“

Health InsuranceNew milestone for the Kwara State Health Insurance Program

ILORIN, NIGERIA – 27 May 2015 In Kwara State, Nigeria, a state-supported health insurance program is improving access to quality healthcare for low-income people in one of Nigeria’s poorest states. The Kwara State Health Insurance Program recently welcomed its 100,000th enrollee: an important milestone for the program but also an indication that this public-private model of healthcare delivery could be a game changer on the road to universal health coverage. After all, what is working for 100,000 people in Kwara could potentially work for millions.

When the Kwara State Government, Hygeia Community Health Care, the Health Insurance Fund and PharmAccess joined forces in a public-private partnership and set up the Kwara State Health Insurance Program in 2007, the people of Kwara had little to no access to quality healthcare.

istock doctor with kid 584x330Over the years, it has been  revealed that more Nigerian doctors are interested in the US residency program. Media events company, Pocket Presents, in a statement said the program has become highly competitive with more international applicants competing for space. It said: “The quest to “become a doctor” in the US has been driven by several things such as the quality of the residency program, access to better funding for research, access to better medical facilities, and the importance the US government and private organizations have placed on ensuring the US is at the forefront of medical research and development in the world.”

The growth in the number of applicants is being fueled not just by larger graduating classes at traditional medical schools but also a rising number of osteopathic medical school graduates as well as U.S. and foreign citizens that graduate from medical schools in the Caribbean and other countries.

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