Health Care Federation of Nigeria

There are various benefits to becoming a member of HFN. Some of the key benefits include:

VALUE TRANSFER: The Healthcare Federation of Nigeria (HFN) is a value-laden group of healthcare professionals that has been able to garner nationwide recognition as the main banner under which private health sector stakeholders speak out for better policy drive in the sector. This value is the first benefit of a new member.

OPPORTUNITY FOR COLLABORATIONS: The HFN, by its composition as a community of professionals from all walks of life who are interested in the health sector, promotes sectoral, inter-sectoral, and multi-sectoral collaborations.

POLICY ADVOCACY: HFN is the only body recognized to represent the private health sector and so enjoys a close rapport with the policy-makers of government who usually request the Federation’s opinion on matters of health. As a result, every member has the power to contribute to the framing of the fortunes of the nation’s health sector.

MEMBERSHIP ACCESS TO WEBSITE: HFN has a website that is visible to all, but with certain portions only accessible by a select few. These select few are none other than the fully-subscribed members of the Federation with unlimited, unfettered access to the website and its contents. 

Other Benefits include:

  1. Representation in policy and decision making in healthcare

  2. Improvement of the operating environment through lobbying and active advocacy and an opportunity to get their voices heard

  3. Opportunity to meet and network with high ranking individuals in the political , business and economic space e.g. dinners and events with public figures, captains of industry ,trustees etc

  4. Increased access to investment opportunities and funding of healthcare projects through linkages

  5. Improved Intersectoral collaboration within the health sector

  6. Information on policies, opportunities and regulation and how these affect  business of members

  7. Right of first refusal on opportunities

  8. Access to data and information within the health sector

  9. Access to subsidized training opportunities, organized conferences and HFN programs

  10. Increased publicity for business as profile of registered members are on the website (possibility of creating a search function that provides information to the general public on registered members)

  11. Advertisements on an international stage by leveraging on support of the IFC and other International agencies to get us international exposure and exposure

  12. Linkages with organized private sector- (LCCI, NASSIMA,Nigeria SA Chamber of Commerce)

  13. Adverts or placements on the HFN website

  14. Profiles of HFN members on the websites

  15. HFN  support and endorsement

  16. Linkages and business opportunities both locally and internationally

  17. Invitation to field trips and international programs

  18. Job offers and Ads- recruitments- Resumes that can be downloaded

  19. HMO watch for providers (where HMO experience can be circulated by providers to help with compliance and payments)

  20. Provider watch for HMOS (where provider experience can be circulated by HMO’s) to help with compliance and payments

  21. Access to discounts amongst various segments of the HFN e.g HFN members offering other members discounts on their services

  22. Membership card with entitlements e.g. Entitled to discounts on relevant products and services.

Business Hours

Our working hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: closed

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