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The private healthcare sector provides more than 50% of services in the sector with a vast array of untapped potentials for employment, entrepreneurial and overall contribution to national health development. As a result, Nigerians are dependent on viable private healthcare service providers in the face of little attention the sector has received from successive dispensations.

However, the story hasn’t been honky-dory for the private healthcare practitioners who provide 60% of health services, according to the National Health Accounts of 2008.The Private healthcare sector faces policy challenges in its Investment drive and as a result is greatly hampered to contribute more to the healthcare sector. Extant import tariffs, custom duty, double-digit interest rates, unfavorable business environment, inadequate access to sustainable sources of funding, access to land etc, are a bane for the expansion of the private sector in the healthcare industry.

As a result of the foregoing, the HFN canvasses for the following policy measures to spur private healthcare service providers:

  1. 0% custom duty on medical and pharmaceutical equipment and consumables
  2. Single digit interest rates
  3. Provision of Land for healthcare projects
  4. Foster Public Private Partnership arrangements
  5. Ensure proper supply chain management for consumables and healthcare commodities
  6. Encourage Group Practice
  7. Well motivated healthcare providers through tax incentives
  8. Training of healthcare workers
  9. License more private hospitals

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