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We are a coalition of Nigerian private healthcare sector stakeholders. We are apolitical, Non-Partisan, Non-profit organization. Our aim is to speak with a unified voice  for the purpose of improving the Nigerian Health Sector through advocacy. This is borne out of the neglect the sector has suffered over the years as a result of many factors. To this effect, the organization advocates for changes in policy and policy reform that will support the growth and development of this sector. 

Our vision is to improve healthcare indices and create an environment where Nigerians can receive affordable and accessible healthcare of the highest quality. As a result, we are independent of any governmental/political ideology, economic interest, religious affiliation; and are mainly funded by our membership and volitional donations from well-meaning Nigerians.

This vision is anchored on a "patient-centric" approach to policy-advocacy which is our driving force.  This is anchored on the simple conclusion that, if life is basic and healthcare caters to life, then the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria  should have no over-aching motive for advocating better healthcare in Nigeria than the human life.

 Come with us on our journey, not as a bystander or an onlooker susceptible to the winds of unpredictable change, but as a member who has a stake and interest in the Nigerian healthcare.



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Our working hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: closed

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